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The moderate fall weather is the perfect time to finish outdoor projects like power washing in Columbus, Ohio. We recommend completing the following tasks to winterize your home before it is too late. If you need a helping hand, contact Under Pressure for professional soft washing and power washing.

Clear Out Your Gutters

During the fall, your gutters will likely fill up with leaves, sticks, and debris from nearby trees. Breaking up clogs is important, but even drains that seem to work fine when it rains can hold a significant amount of loose leaves. It will be much more difficult to clean your gutters once the temperature starts to drop.

In the winter, leftover plant debris can turn into blocks of ice. After a few leaves freeze, the blockage will grow as snow and freezing rain enter your gutters. The ice will continue to grow until your gutters are completely stopped up.

The weight will cause your gutters to sag, requiring costly and difficult repair in freezing temperatures. Without any way for melted snow to flow off of your roof and down your gutters, it will refreeze and accumulate on top of your house. The weight from the ice can cause serious structural damage and its moisture is likely to seep through your shingles and into your home.

Polish Your Home’s Exterior

Whether your house is dusted in pollen or hiding mold in shaded nooks, it’s a good idea to clean up your home to make it ready for the holidays. Pressure washing is an easy way to remove stains, mildew, and plant growth from the siding. This same buildup of dirt and grime gets caked on your exterior windows.

If the paint on your walls is peeling and you’re considering adding a fresh coat, power washing can easily strip away old paint.

Clean Up Your Deck

Harsh weather conditions and airborne particles make it difficult to keep your outside space clean. In addition to putting away your outdoor furniture for the cold season, you should power wash areas of your deck, like railings and walking spaces, that have been exposed all year.

Clearing away dirt and grime with professional pressure washing will breathe new life into your deck and make it easier to use again once winter ends. You will need to clean your deck if you plan on treating it with a stain or other sealant to prepare for winter storms. Washing your deck will also clean up mold and mildew that thrive in the moisture provided by ice and snow, so it is important to finish this project before they have a chance to grow and do more damage.

Let Under Pressure Take Care of Your Power Washing Needs

If you want to give your home a thorough clean, reach out to us at Under Pressure for the leading power washing in Columbus, Ohio. Call us today at 740-815-8530 and let our experienced team finish up your pressure washing projects with professional equipment and techniques before winter sets in.

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