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It seems like everywhere you turn these days, there’s an abundance of businesses offering the same service. When it comes to cleaning companies, however, you get exactly your money’s worth.

All cleaning companies have different goals in mind. If you’ve never hired a pressure washing crew before, it can be hard to know what to expect. They should utilize different techniques such as power washing along with soft washing.

Here are the eight things you should consider before choosing a pressure washing company. After reading this guide, you will know how to distinguish the amateurs from the professionals.

1. Cleaning Process

Power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing have their places. You should choose a company with the appropriate tools and expertise to clean the different surfaces in your home. Cleaning a driveway would require very high water pressure to remove concrete stains, but shingles on the roof would require very little to no pressure.

Hiring a company with the appropriate knowledge and equipment will minimize the risk of damage to your property. Hire one that offers both pressure washing and soft washing.

2. Insurance and Worker’s Compensation

According to industry standards, a pressure washing company should have coverage for worker’s compensation. You should be safe from any lawsuits if an injury occurs to its personnel while on the job. The company should also have liability insurance to compensate you if any damage occurs on your property.

3. Reviews, Before and After Photos, Testimonials

It’s hard to trust a company when you don’t have proof of its quality. Their reputation in online review sites and local forums can indicate how good they are in action, and if their services are worth the price. Always look for before and after photos because testimonials and reviews can be self-made or bought.

4. Don’t Choose the Lowest Price

It makes sense to pay the market-average amount to get the job done right the first time, rather than call back a sub-par contractor to redo something they ruined. In any industry, players can bid low to cut corners and make a profit. Don’t fall for this kind of trickery.

5. Ensure there is a Guarantee

Any company worth their salt will provide a written guarantee about getting the job done correctly. A guarantee is a good sign that a pressure washing company is confident in their expertise and the quality of their past finished works.

6. Flexibility

We all live busy lives. Find a company that will work around your schedule. Don’t hire cleaners that stretch themselves too thin by juggling too many clients.

A willingness to be flexible is a sign of excellent customer service.

7. Commercial Grade Supply and High-Quality Equipment

A pressure washing company that invests in good supplies is more likely to take good care of your home and the surrounding environment. Biodegradable detergents are needed to keep your plants and the surrounding wildlife safe. It’s not a good sign if a company is willing to cut corners in this area.

8. Get a Free Quote

A free quote is useful for comparing prices, free of any self-interest, and incentives on the part of a company. A good pressure washing company will come to your house, assess what needs to be done, and give you an accurate estimate. Giving out a free quote over the phone is a shady practice, so never patronize a business that does it.

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