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People make snap judgments all the time. We think that a building that looks dirty is neglected. We see a grimy exterior and make quick judgments about the people inside.

That’s fine for those passing judgment. It’s not great news for home or business owners, though. You know that people will judge you because the outside isn’t spick and span. That said, cleaning the exterior of a building is a big job.

How do you accomplish this task in Powell Ohio?

It’s simple – you don’t tackle it yourself. Instead, call in the professional Under Pressure team. We’re licensed, insured, and we know what we’re doing. We’ll pressure the dirt into finding a new home.

Benefits of Power Washing Your Property in Powell Ohio

Why invest in pressure washing in Powell, Ohio, regularly? There are a few good reasons:

Increased Curb Appeal and Property Value

Some buyers like a challenge. They’ll buy rundown properties and fix them up. Most of the time, though, these are house flippers out for the best property price. They make lowball offers as a matter of course.

Most buyers, however, want a property that they can move into immediately. The grimier the building gets, the older and less appealing it looks. Pressure cleaning clears off the accumulated grime, leaving the building looking much better.

Prevents Costly Repairs

There are two problems with dirt. First, it can hide underlying issues. Secondly, the dust can provide a foothold for fungi. Fungi, like algae, mold, and mildew, in turn, release spores that can cause serious illness.

That’s what most people focus on, but illness isn’t the only harmful aspect to consider. As the fungi grow, they start to damage the paint and the brick. Add in the acidic effect of pollutants mixing in with rainwater, and you’re looking at extensive damage.

Regularly cleaning away the built-up dirt and fungi is useful in preventing this type of damage.

Protects Against Harmful Bacteria

There are many forms of virulent, airborne bacteria. Some strains can live for days or even weeks outside of a host. These bacteria might settle into the accumulated dust of a building and fly around again when it’s windy. Some may also feed on the dirt and fungi present.

Cleaning the exterior washes away bacteria. More importantly, though, cleaning removes the resources that the bacteria need to thrive.

Why Choose Under Pressure?


If you check on Craigs List, you’ll find a lot of exterior cleaning services. Some offer unbelievably good pricing. Unfortunately, there’s always a catch. They might not, for example, have the best equipment or the expertise to perform the job correctly. High-pressure cleaners can do a lot of damage if they don’t handle the job correctly. It’s cheaper and safer, in the long run, to pay a little extra for expertise. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We don’t pack up and leave until you’re satisfied with the results.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We’re great at our work, so there’s very little chance of anything going wrong. Even so, we’re fully insured. 

Free Estimates

Under Pressure doesn’t charge for quotes or estimates.

Our Main Services

Soft House Washing
Soft Roof Washing
Deck And Patio Restoration

What our clients are SAYING


We had a great experience with Under Pressure. They were very responsive when we contacted them and very thorough when completing the job. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks for making our house look great!

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Renee Grigalunas

9 months ago


Professional, Reasonable, Thorough, Reliable, and just really nice guys! I will not only call them every time we need a professional power washer, but will refer them to everyone I know!
Thanks for the great work!!!

Holly Wayt

10 months ago


Great results! Very knowledged during the walk around, safe on my siding and plants. What a difference low pressure can make. Highly recommended.

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Jake Stone

2 years ago

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