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Concrete Cleaning Central Ohio
Concrete Cleaning Central Ohio

Have you been taking care of your driveway? Let’s face it – cracked and neglected driveways aren’t inviting. For most people, it’s hardly an after-thought. However, over time, wear and tear, oil or chemical stains, and tire marks add up. 

A driveway is an important part of your home, and like your vehicle, it requires regular care and maintenance. Years of neglect can add up to tremendous costs, and that’s why it’s imperative that you have your driveway correctly maintained. Underpressure is a company that can help you.

Types of Stains and Chemicals We Remove

Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing employs the best-skilled technicians in the industry. We have extensive experience removing the most stubborn driveway and concrete stains. Here’s just a short list of unwanted substances we handle, and that you may have noticed accumulating on your driveway:

  • Rust
  • Hard Water Stains
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Dirt
  • Paint
  • Tire Marks
  • Bird Droppings

Whatever unsightly stain needs removing from your concrete driveway, we have the system, tools, and experience to remove it. 

Why Have Your Driveway Cleaned by Professionals?


Giving your driveway a professional-grade clean is no light chore. There are some risks you should be aware of. Not only are there personal risks of injury using high-pressure equipment, but the incorrect amount of pressure or temperature can damage your concrete driveway. Integral damage to materials means high costs. It’s easier and cheaper to do it right the first time.


You’ve likely considered cleaning your driveway as a DIY project. But, professional pressure washing is affordable and saves you money in the long term. Financially, a pressure wash should be viewed as an investment. Underpressure Ohio services offer great rates, results, and service that are second to none.


Underpressure Ohio understands that there is no substitute for great service. We bring the tools, knowledge, and skilled experience to clean more in-depth than any other company. Our quality assurance comes from using specialized hand-selected cleaning agents. These chemical compounds ensure that no stain is too tough or stubborn to be removed from your driveway. 

Our 3-Step Concrete
Cleaning Process

We offer a simple and proven 3-step concrete cleaning process to dissolve and eliminate stains entirely.

  1. “Pre-treat” the concrete to break the organic bond.
  2. “Power wash” the concrete surfaces to give it a consistent clean.
  3. “Post-treat” concrete to ensure all organic growth has been eviscerated or removed.
Driveway Cleaning in Columbus Ohio
Driveway Cleaning in Columbus Ohio

Get a Free Quote to Have Your Driveway and Concrete Cleaned in Today!

Underpressure is the family-owned and operated go-to experts of Central Ohio for a reason. We don’t just give your driveway a fresh new look that you’ll enjoy, we’re here to make a connection through excellent customer care. Reach out with your cleaning questions, and we’ll offer you a free quote or estimate. Call Underpressure today for power washing in Columbus Ohio, as we are Central Ohio’s preferred power washing company!

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