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House Washing Columbus Ohio
House Washing Columbus Ohio

Ohio’s weather isn’t known for its mild winters or mild dry forecasts. Weathering and other agents make for serious considerations when it comes to the state and longevity of your home. Pollution, dust, dirt, and organic materials such as algae, mildew, and mold give homeowners good reasons for regular cleaning.

At Underpressure, we offer you a fully insured expert power wash and cleaning service. Our team of highly skilled professionals brings a level of quality that only comes with years of experience. State-of-the-art pressure washing equipment and “soft wash” methods are done right the first time so that you can avoid getting your hands dirty or doing unintended damage to your home.

Benefits of Regularly Washing Your Home

Rust Removal

Rust requires homeowners to act fast, as it can become complicated to treat once it advances. The more time passes, the more destruction rust causes, and the more expensive repairs and replacement becomes. Underpressure can help you address your rust problems as soon as they appear with professional-grade solutions.

Increased Curb Appeal

Whether you’re keeping up with the Jones’, trying to set an example, deterring criminals, or just helping to make your neighborhood shine, curb appeal is an essential consideration for every homeowner. If you’re looking to sell your home soon, the outward aesthetic of your home stands as a significant factor, affecting price and buyer demand.

Protect Your Family's Health

Notorious black mold and mildew can creep into your home through several methods. These pose a series of health-related issues, including respiratory illness and allergies. Maintain your home’s integrity, appearance, value, all while ensuring the health and well-being of you and your family by investing into exterior cleaning service by Underpressure.

Maintain Property Value

Algae, mold, liches, mildew, UV rays, pest, and general weathering all pose serious threats to your home, especially if gone untreated. Permanent damage means replacement and an exponential increase in costs. Staining, too, can prove permanent. Don’t let the state of your home degrade. Avoid expensive repair jobs before they crop up and permanently harm your home.

We Are Experts in Various Siding Materials


Vinyl siding offers a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your home. Long-lasting, low-cost, and unfortunately popular not only for homeowners but also accumulated algae and dirt. Underpressure realizes that algae becomes especially prominent with light-colored vinyl. Our power washing and “soft wash” techniques help return your home to its original beauty and brightness.


The crevices that makeup stucco’s unique appearance can accumulate algae, dirt, dust, mold, and various pests. Still, stucco offers a great option as a durable, affordable, and long-lasting building material. Underpressure has the experience to restore your home’s stucco to its former glory. A little routine maintenance by professionals is all it takes to avoid more significant repair costs and a tarnished facade.

Hardie Plank

Hardie Plank brings with it an endless selection of color options. Its durability, attractive aesthetic, and ability to weather extreme conditions is second-to-none. However, it’s toughness can be misleading for most homeowners. Traditional pressure washing proves harmful to the fibers in Hardie Plank siding. At Underpressure Ohio, we take special care with top-of-the-line tools to provide you with a low-pressure wash for your home’s exterior.


Underpressure Ohio offers a unique way of dealing with brick houses. The strong, lasting, and classic appearance of brick is a time-treasured option for beautiful homes. Brick also poses some challenges when it comes to keeping it well-maintained and clean. High and low-pressure washing options often fall short as cleaning techniques. That’s why Underpressure employs a customized approach for every brick home it services.

Our House

House Washing Columbus Ohio House Washing Columbus Ohio

Why Choose Underpressure for Your House Washing Needs in Central Ohio?

Underpressure and our team of experienced and highly skilled professionals want you to have the best-looking house on the block. We are fully licensed, insured, family-owned and operated. Excellent customer service and the highest quality results make us the go-to experts in Central Ohio. Call us today with all your questions about our power washing services in Columbus Ohio, and we’ll give you a free quote or estimate in return.

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