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Roof Cleaning Columbus Ohio
Roof Cleaning Columbus Ohio

As dirt, moss, and algae accumulate, the value of your home will slowly but surely begin to decline. Not only are dirt, moss, and other organic materials unsightly, but they also do continuous damage to your home’s roof.

 Underpressure is a fully licensed, family-owned and operated company. We employ various techniques that leave you with a pristine and sturdy roof for your home and family. We are proud to distinguish ourselves as the go-to company in Central Ohio for fully insured expert pressure washing services.

Benefits of Getting Your Roof Cleaned

Low-Pressure: The Key to Safely Cleaning Your Roof

Most people don’t get excited about having to climb onto their roof to scrape and clean algae, mold, mildew, lichen, and moss. And, you don’t have to. Underpressure Ohio offers the quality level that comes only from experienced and skilled professionals. We train our employees in “soft wash” methods that replace a home pressure-washer that can do damage to the surface of your roof.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Routine maintenance may seem like a luxury or unnecessary cost at first. However, when neglected, minor issues become major problems, and the bill for repair and replacement becomes an expensive lesson. Invest in a professionally cleaned roof, and you will not only save money and protect the value of an important asset, but you will extend the life of your home.

Eliminate Safety Concerns

Climbing up and working atop your roof can pose a precarious task. Accidents do happen, and annual statistics show that serious injuries may be more common than you think. Using power washing equipment to clean your roof is best left to professionals. Not only will you ensure your own safety, but you won’t have to worry about causing damage to your roof with imperfect cleaning practices.

No Expensive Repairs or Replacements

The price of routinely and professionally having your home’s roof cleaned is a fraction of what serious repairs or replacement will ultimately cost you. If that alone isn’t worth it, remember that a home ought to be enjoyed. A beautifully restored roof, free of algae, moss, and other harmful organic invaders is a gift in and of itself.

Increased Curb Appeal​

Curb appeal is a critical asset for homeowners. Potential buyers shop based mostly on appearances. Think of the last time you drove through a neighborhood and saw an impressive home; did you consider the internal condition first, or base your opinion on the exterior?

People are visual creatures, and a spotless roof says a lot to potential buyers. Resale value is always a consideration, even when you’re not currently planning to sell. Plus, there’s always the good impression and example you’ll be making with your neighbors. Nurture your home, and it will nurture you in return.

Common Problems That Indicate You Need Your Roof Cleaned


You may not be familiar with the term “Gloeocapsa magma,” but you may have noticed black streaky stains covering your home’s roof. Algae typically likes to grow on the south side for increased sun exposure. These unsightly organic materials then generate “hot spots” on your roof that increase your A/C or cooling bills, and lowers the structural integrity of your roof over time.


Black, brown, or green patches form due to moisture accumulation. If you’ve noticed these on your roof, then you’re looking at mold. Like algae, it doesn’t just lower your home’s curb appeal, but it causes long-term damage that can become expensive to fix later on down the road.

Black mold, in particular, is notorious for causing respiratory and other health-related issues. Once it infiltrates your home, it likely will cause problems before it’s detected. Even once identified, black mold can be challenging to eliminate. Take action early, and keep it off your roof.


Somewhat different in appearance and effect than mold or algae, mildew poses another obstacle that shouldn’t be overlooked. It appears as dark black, light gray, or even a pink powdery substance. Important to note is that mildew tends to spread much quicker than other organic materials, and should be taken care of immediately.

Lichens and Moss

Green fuzzy circles attached to your home’s roof means lichen, which is often accompanied by moss. These stubborn agents like to settle in and take root on your roof shingles. Here they can do lasting harm along with their unsightly hanging “decorations.” Along with mildew, mold, and algae, the longer these go untreated, the higher the cost of repair and replacement.

Get Your Free Estimate Today

At Underpressure, we are serious about extending the longevity of your home’s roof with our specialized “soft wash” cleaning service. We are proud to call ourselves the go-to experts for cleaning and pressure washing services in Central Ohio, and we do so with our customers and quality standards in mind. Get in touch with all of your roof cleaning questions and give you a free quote. Call us today for our quality pressure washing services in Columbus Ohio!

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