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We’re good at making snap decisions. It’s similar when seeing a building: A gritty, grimy exterior doesn’t impress anyone. The grunge look doesn’t work well on buildings.

As a business or homeowner, people judge you on the façade of the building. Present a clean building, and you make a great impression. Cleaning the outside of a building is daunting. It’s a large surface area, after all. 

How do you get it clean?

Call in the professionals to get the job done fast and efficiently. If you’re in Dublin County, that means calling Under Pressure‘s team of cleaning experts for power washing in Dublin Ohio.

We’re fully licensed, insured, and experienced. We’ll blast out the grime and coax out the clean surface underneath. The walls will look as good as new.

Benefits of Power Washing Your Property in Dublin Ohio

There are several reasons why you should clean the exterior of your building in Dublin, Ohio, regularly. Let’s go over these:

Increased Curb Appeal and Property Value

Until someone invents a teleportation device, the façade is what visitors see first. If that looks grimy, they might feel that the building is older, or poorly maintained. Keeping the outside walls looking fresh improves curb appeal.

It also reassures potential buyers that you’ve kept the maintenance up well.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Acid rain is the result of pollution mixing with normal rainwater. The consequences are devastating on paint and stone over time. Depending on where you live, the components of that pollution can damage the exterior of the building fast.

It’s not just human-made contaminants to fear. Mold, mildew, and algae are all fungi with spores that spread on the wind. All they need is a small chip in the paint or brick to gain a foothold.

Once they colonize an area, they become hard to remove. The colony will break down the brick and cause a lot of damage over time. Pressure cleaning regularly gets rid of the fungi and its spores.

Protects Against Harmful Bacteria

If only fungi were the worst of the contaminants out there. Mold can make you very ill, but there are worse things out there. Bacteria in the air can settle on the outside of the building. All it takes is to open the window at the wrong time of day to be exposed.

Pressure cleaning destroys the bacteria, keeping you safer.

Why Choose Under Pressure?


You can buy pressure washing equipment quite easily. Unfortunately, that’s led to a spate of businesses offering cleaning services. Not all of them know how to do a good job. Some don’t care.

You might save a few dollars hiring these guys. You could also spend more than you save repairing windows and other damage. High-pressure cleaners require careful handling.

That’s why our team consists of highly experienced technicians.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The job is over when you say so. We don’t leave until you’re satisfied.

Fully Licensed and Insured

It’s not likely for something to go wrong, but we’re realists. We’re fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Free Estimates

Under Pressure offers free quotes or estimates.

Our Main Services

Soft House Washing
Soft Roof Washing
Deck And Patio Restoration

What our clients are SAYING


We had a great experience with Under Pressure. They were very responsive when we contacted them and very thorough when completing the job. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks for making our house look great!

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Renee Grigalunas

9 months ago


Professional, Reasonable, Thorough, Reliable, and just really nice guys! I will not only call them every time we need a professional power washer, but will refer them to everyone I know!
Thanks for the great work!!!

Holly Wayt

10 months ago


Great results! Very knowledged during the walk around, safe on my siding and plants. What a difference low pressure can make. Highly recommended.

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Jake Stone

2 years ago

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