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Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing is a leading service provider of cost-efficient power washing in Columbus, Ohio. We serve residents and business owners looking to improve their property’s curb appeal without remodeling exterior surfaces. However, our sanitation experts also work with many DIYers who have found themselves facing costly mistakes before enlisting professional help.

In this article, we outline the benefits of getting your place of business, home, or apartment complex power washed by reliable professionals. And the top three costliest drawbacks of DIY pressure washing.

Using Incorrect Pressure Settings Does Serious Damage

Heavy-duty power washers eject water at pressures of up to 3,300 PSI, making them dangerous in the wrong hands. And increasing the pressure does not equate to cleaner surfaces!

On the contrary, using pressure washers on maximum settings can degrade paintwork on cars, residential structures, and commercial properties. It also causes scratches on deck boards and destroys windows, door frames, and railings. But a lower pressure setting than the situation requires will also entail mopping, wiping, and scrubbing, defeating the purpose of renting a power washer.

What’s the solution? Pressure washing professionals use the appropriate settings for specific surfaces, materials, and levels of cleanliness. If you want to avoid damage, it’s best to take advantage of these experts’ knowledge and experience.

Improper Cleaning Order Produces Inferior Results

Professional cleaners spend years perfecting sanitation techniques to deliver high-quality cleaning. The precision of the work ensures the on-time completion of projects that DIY cleaners struggle to match. 

Without the time management skills and technical expertise of a professional, power washing can be frustrating and ineffective. Our technicians receive numerous calls from DIYers who have wasted an entire day (or three) removing dirt from their surfaces or trying to unclog downspouts and gutters. Some even pressure wash brick and slate exterior surfaces and only manage to remove loose dirt and cobwebs, but not hard-to-remove residue. 

Roofs and hardwoods like Blackbutt, Merbau, or Ironbark are unsafe to pressure wash. But without the right techniques and cleaning solutions, you could spend days soft washing them to no avail. Rather hire teams like Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing in Columbus, Ohio.

Unsafe Cleaning Practices Spell Trouble

Cleaning is vital because many properties in Columbus are near the Scioto River. They see a lot of algae and mold growth in the summer and experience clogged gutters nearly every fall. However, the crew you choose should also focus on safety, including arriving with all the right safety equipment for the job.

Unlicensed cleaning crews won’t have protective gear to avoid injuries while performing their pressure washing services. Property owners who hire these uninsured services may find themselves liable for medical expenses. After all, OSHA reports thousands of ladder-related injuries each year across the country.

A team like Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing in Columbus, Ohio, is fully licensed and insured for all work at your job site.

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