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Pressure washing a home offers numerous benefits, from removing stubborn stains to boosting your property value. When you’re ready to improve your home’s curb appeal, you need to know how long it takes to pressure wash a home.

Various factors determine how long it can take to power wash your home. Depending on your home’s construction, size, and type of power washing equipment, power washing your home will take between 30 minutes to a few hours.

Factors that Determine How Long It Takes to Pressure Wash a Home

How large is your home? Should you opt for a power wash or a soft wash? Explore the factors that affect how long the cleaning will take.

Square Footage

Larger homes require more time and attention to clean. In addition, homes with hard-to-reach areas and multiple stories add to the time it takes to clean. For example, a 4,500 square feet home may take longer to clean than a 2,000 square feet home.

However, homes of the same size may also vary in cleaning time because one may be dirtier than the other. Dirty homes take longer to clean. Whereas large homes can take about two to three hours to clean, a smaller 1,500-square-foot home may take about 30 minutes to pressure wash.


A house cleaned every year takes a shorter time to power wash than one that has not been cleaned for a decade. Homes with deep-set grime, mildew, algae, and other stubborn stains that require removal would take longer to clean.

Number of Cleaners

The number of power washers cleaning your home also determines how long power washing takes. Multiple cleaners speed up the power washing process but will cost more money.

A small team of a handful of workers will take longer to clean your home, but the price will often be lower.

Power Washing Equipment

Proper equipment makes cleaning effective and fast and does not damage your home’s deck flooring or siding. The materials used on surfaces determine the correct water pressure needed for cleaning.

A high-pressure wash with water at 2,500 to 3,200 psi is ideal for cleaning non-painted surfaces like brick or concrete. Softer materials like wood or painted surfaces require a low-pressure soft wash randing from 1,200 to 1,500 psi.

High-pressure washing cleans surfaces faster, but soft washing is equally effective — it just takes longer.

House Pressure Washing Process

The process of pressure washing a home safely and efficiently include:

  1. Cover fixtures with plastic covers or cloths to protect them from damage.
  2. Scrub tough mildew stains using a brush and a multi-purpose siding cleaner for sparkling clean walls.
  3. Mix cleaning solutions in the correct ratio to prevent corrosion of walls.
  4. Connect a garden hose pipe to a stable supply of soft water.
  5. Wash from a distance where the spray is strong enough to support effective washing and prevent likely damage.

All these factors, from the size of your house to power-washing experience, determine how long it takes to pressure wash your home. Although DIY cleaning is cost-effective, a professional power washing company has what it takes to clean your house efficiently within the proper time.

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