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Pressure washing is one of the most important things you can do to prolong and ensure the livelihood of your home or building. A structure requires at least one professional cleaning annually but may require additional treatments depending on environmental factors. For power washing in Columbus, OH, you can rely on Under Pressure Soft Wash & Power Washing.

Annual Maintenance

We recommend scheduling pressure washing every spring when it is finally warm enough to tackle areas ignored during the winter. Spring is essential for clearing exterior structures of snowmelt stains, salt, fallen branches, and dead plants.

On the other hand, power washing in the fall will prepare your home for the winter. Twice-yearly maintenance ensures that buildup will not remain long enough to make it difficult to remove.

For Curb Appeal

Part of what makes a house a home or a business trusted as marketable is the integrity of its appearance. Investing in a good roof cleaning and commercial power washing treatment can make a difference between a basic and brilliant exterior. Professional cleaning makes a home pleasant to look at and inviting to enter.

Before Selling a Home or Business

Power washing in Columbus, OH, before putting your home on the market helps make sure your home looks as appealing as possible to entice potential buyers. Any visible blemish has the potential to attract the wrong kind of attention and may make the buyer wonder if there is anything else wrong before purchasing. Business owners should consider the same objective before selling commercial properties.

After a Major Renovation

Major construction can leave behind evidence such as dirt, dust, and debris, whether the construction takes place on your property or a neighboring one. Fortunately, you can easily solve this renovation pitfall with a commercial power washing treatment.

Location Matters

The ideal season for pressure washing depends on the home’s location and weather. It is safe to pressure wash as long as the temperature is at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend you avoid power washing in Columbus, OH, because of the low temperatures, but spring, summer, and fall are all good times for professional cleaning.

Before the Holidays

Between the external decor and many gatherings, the holidays present opportunities for all eyes to be on your home. Before hosting family and friends, you might want to consider power washing services. While the weather may not permit pressure washing before the winter holidays, you can take advantage of a rare day of warm weather or schedule pressure washing before other special occasions.

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