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Power washing in Powell, Ohio, is one of the top ways to renew your house, deck, driveway, or patio, increasing curb appeal and property value at the same time. However, you need to take proper precautions because the amount of pressure used can damage property, while the quantity of water can also be problematic. 

Therefore, the Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing team compiled this list of precautions to take before they get there. These tips will ensure a smooth process from start to finish. 

Make Your Home Watertight

Consider where the power washing team will remove dirt. Will the pressurized water push through a door an air hole? If so, close the door securely and lay towels down to sop up any water that may seep through. Also, consider cracks.  

Stow Loose Items

Put away any items the power washer may move around, like patio furniture. It’s also worth putting away any furniture you don’t want to get dirty. The deep cleaning of your patio causes the dirt to spatter, so it’s best to remove items that may stain. 

We also ask you to move any vehicles if possible. If not, let us know, and we can cover the items before we start. The cleaning power here comes from the high pressure of the water spray. Therefore we ask you to remove anything fragile, including pot plants. 

We can assist you in covering any landscaping or features we cannot move with a high-quality waterproof plastic to protect delicate items. 

Cover Electrical Outlets

Before we begin, we recommend that you stow any extension cords and cover electrical outlets with heavy-duty plastic secured with painter’s tape. This is easy to do: simply cut the plastic about an inch larger than the outlet and secure it with tape. Seal each edge before power washing in Powell, Ohio. 

Keep Pets Inside

Pets may find it interesting to investigate the spray, but this is very dangerous for them. The high-pressure water can cause lacerations and even break the bones of smaller animals. Keep your pets inside or, if possible, take them for a walk. 

Send Small Children on a Playdate

If you cannot schedule our services while your children are at school, please arrange a sitter or play date for them. Little children find the machinery fascinating but are as vulnerable as small pets. We recommend keeping them occupied inside or away from the home for their safety. 

Contact Us Today!

With a small amount of preparation, your power washing will go off without a hitch. While we do not insist on these measures, we do recommend them as the water has the potential to seep into the smallest cracks. 

If you need help with the preparation, let our team of exterior cleaning experts know ahead of time, and we’ll bring the necessary supplies and help you. 

Contact Under Pressure Soft Washing and Power Washing at (740) 815-8530 for your free estimate on power washing in Powell, Ohio, or to schedule service

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