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For most homeowners, finding that “sweet spot” for pressure washing frequency depends on location and environmental factors. While the ideal frequency falls somewhere between “as often as it needs it” and “too much of a good thing,” this rule of thumb is vague and subjective.

If you’re wondering how often you should power wash your house, our team at Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing in Columbus, OH has created a few guidelines to clear up any confusion. Too much pressure washing can damage your home and property, don’t overdo it when creating a maintenance schedule.

We recommend pressure washing your home’s exterior at least once a year, but there are other considerations to take into account.


Columbus, OH weather varies with the seasons, with hot summers and long, cold winters. The harsh rays of the summer sun can bake layers of dirt and grime into your home’s surfaces, while the hail and ice storms of winter weaken the structural integrity of its siding. This variable climate can wreak havoc on any home’s exterior.

For most Ohioans, the spring and fall will offer the best conditions for pressure washing. Moderate temperatures are ideal for effective cleaning, as long as the pressure washing doesn’t take place during a heavy thunderstorm or other harsh weather conditions.


Living near nature has its benefits, but it can often present unique challenges for homeowners trying to maintain their home’s exterior. Nearby trees can shed leaves and pollen that stick to the surfaces of your home and create unsightly stains. In addition, high winds can blow debris and dirt into hard-to-reach areas that can make cleaning difficult.

Similarly, areas located on dirt roads may need more frequent pressure washing, as do areas with high traffic volume. Areas that receive a lot of rain can also expect to see more residual dirt after storms.

Environmental Variables

The hot, humid summers in Columbus, OH encourage the growth of organisms such as mold, fungus, and algae, all of which are problematic for homeowners. Aside from leaving unsightly stains, these growths can damage the surfaces on which they live. They thrive in moist conditions, which means even winter weather can be an issue as the snow melts and pools in troublesome locations.

Maintenance Is Key

Ideally, a cleaning schedule for the exterior of your home in Columbus, OH would be once per season, or four times a year. However, the best rule of thumb is to pressure wash your home’s exterior at least once per year and then schedule additional cleanings as necessary. Our experts can help you determine the most appropriate maintenance plan for your home.

We’re Here to Help

Our skilled technicians are proud to serve homeowners in Columbus, OH for over five years. We are committed to customer service and treat every home as if it’s our own. Call Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing today at 740-815-8530 for your free consultation or advice on any questions such as how often to power wash your home.

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