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Pressure washing is a quick and effective way of removing all manners of gunk from outdoor surfaces and leaving them squeaky clean. If it’s so convenient, why don’t many people have their own pressure washers?

In untrained hands, pressure washers can be extremely dangerous. These tools are capable of exerting up to 2000 pounds of force. That’s enough to chip off hard stone or concrete and send it toward you with the force of a bullet!

With that said, many prefer this washing method because it can clean a variety of surfaces like no other.

Pressure-Washable Surfaces



If you’re wondering what to clean with a pressure washer, fences made from more robust materials like vinyl can handle lower pressures easily. Wood fences, on the other hand, require a bit more care.

With so many grooves and spaces in between, fences can take a long time to clean. A pressure washer can cut down that cleaning time significantly with the right pressure and cleansing materials.


Roofs are often a potential breeding ground for nasty microorganisms, but manually cleaning them can be very tedious and dangerous. This makes roofs prime candidates for pressure washing.

We don’t recommend power washing beginners to clean their roofs, though. Using high pressures to clean a roof is a recipe for disaster, and those with older roofs or roofs made of asphalt should take extra care.

Professionals always use a very gentle form of power washing on roofs, even for roofs made from the strongest materials.

External Walls

Cleaning the outside of your home is one of the best uses for a pressure washer. Home exteriors made from strong materials like vinyl or brick are excellent candidates for this method of cleaning. It’s a quick yet thorough way of going through bigger surfaces.

Be warned that high pressure can take the paint off your walls. Pressure washing painted surfaces is still possible, but often requires professional hands to prevent any damage.


Pressure washing is a good way to remove grime, sunspots, algae, and even stains from your deck. Through regular maintenance, you can protect your deck from contaminants and maintain its appearance. Keep in mind that older decks, particularly those made from wood, might disintegrate under high pressures if they have dry rot.

Patios & Walkways

Concrete or tile patios and walkways are prime candidates for moderate pressure washing. Because they get a lot of foot traffic, dirt and other contaminants tend to accumulate in these areas. Pressure washing makes this a more straightforward cleaning job.

Get the Expert Help You Need

While there’s no harm in pressure washing your home using a store-bought machine, nothing beats the effectiveness of a well-trained team with the best equipment.

When you make wrong choices while pressure washing, you risk severely damaging your surfaces and even causing yourself bodily harm. Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing team knows the right water pressure and detergent combinations needed to remove all contaminants from your outdoor surfaces. Over the years, we’ve been a premiere power washing company in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas. Check out our services and we’d even be happy to give you a few power washing tips!

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