The Dangers of Power Washing: Is DIY Worth the Risk?

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Manually cleaning the exterior of your property is a long and arduous process. For this reason, many homeowners might be looking for faster and more effective methods of cleaning. If you’re one of those people, we might have the solution for you – a pressure washer.

This specialized piece of equipment can clean pavement, decks, patios, roofs, and other outdoor surfaces with ease. It’s basically a high-powered electric hose, which might sound simple enough. Don’t go buying one for yourself just yet, though. Without proper training, DIY pressure washing can be more dangerous than you think.

Why Power Washing Your Own Home is A Dangerous Game

Anyone considering getting their own pressure washer should be well aware of its high-risk potential. Back in 2014, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that 6,067 people were hospitalized due to pressure washer accidents that year alone. And in January this year, the CPSC had to recall thousands of washers because of their injury hazard.

Here are the main reasons why DIY pressure washing can be so hazardous:

High Levels of Water Pressure

A strong pressure washer is capable of exerting 2000 pounds of force. That level of pressure can break your skin and even cut through protective gear. High pressure also makes the hose much harder to control, which increases the risk of potential injury.

What’s more, wrong water pressure levels can do more harm than good during cleaning. It can strip off paint, destroy wood, and crack weaker stone surfaces if used by untrained hands.

Electric Equipment Risks

Everyone knows that water with electricity is a recipe for disaster. A lot of pressure washer models use very long power cables. If any part of those cords breaks, you run the risk of electric shock or even electric fires. Taking measures like grounding the power source and checking the cables before use can help reduce these risks.

Chemical Exposure

Pressure washing is often used in tandem with chemical detergents. If they come in contact with your skin or eyes, harsher formulas become a potential health hazard. Using the wrong mixture of detergents might prove ineffective for cleaning, or worse, cause severe damage.

Save Yourself the Trouble and Get Professional Help

DIY pressure washing is appealing because many regard it as the cheaper option, but is it worth the risk of property damage and injury? The most straightforward way to avoid the dangers of pressure washing while reaping its benefits is to employ a team of experts.

At Under Pressure Soft Wash & Power Washing, we know the ins and outs of cleaning outdoor surfaces. We have provided safe, affordable, and effective pressure washing services in Delaware County, Ohio, and to its residents for over five years running.

If you’re ready to give your property some quality cleaning, call today at (740) 815-8530 and receive a free quotation. The team is also happy to provide you with some great pressure washing tips if you’re set on trying it out on your own!

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